“We don’t want to sell products, we want people to be inspired to buy our products and participate in our community and be an inspiration to others.”



Ketones, ketones, and even more ketones!

Since 2015, Pruvit has led the massive growth of the ketone conversation in the global market. In its first two years, it had sales of over 200 million and it’s now on track to grow as it expands into multiple international markets.

With a global team made up of a successful mix of experienced recruiters, teachers, networkers, beauty & wellness entrepreneurs, mum’s, dads and me, Pruvit is flipping the marketing world on its head, with a community focused approach. And you need to be part of it.

How it works

As a promoter and mentor I am here to help you build your business from the ground up, all while living your best life. That means leaving those feelings of imposter syndrome in the past and looking ahead to a future of uncapped income.

I’ll work with you to understand where you are now, and where you wanna’ be, and create a plan to help you get there, your way.

Using our exclusive tools and systems, combined with 121 support from me, plus daily and weekly training, and access to some of the world’s top motivational speakers, your most fulfilled life is within touching distance.

Success is personal to all of us. And when we embrace it, we can rediscover our excitement and drive for life. It’s time to go from zero confidence, to total confidence. That’s the journey I’ve been on, and it’s what’s waiting for you too.

wellbeing coach - Natasha Hamilton


The first 90 days in business are superimportant and that is where the “Go Challenge” comes in.

This is your chance to earn fast money and build a solid foundation for a long-term successful business.

And I’ll be with you to offer honest advice, support and the occasional kick up the arse accountability if you need it to find your way, because this is just the start...


As an official Pruvit promoter, on top of building your own business you will also get access to a range of exclusive offers and events.

wellbeing coach - Natasha Hamilton

Pruvit compensation plan

Get rewarded for all sales produced without being locked into a monthly autoship so you get a higher percentage of commissions paid direct to you.

wellbeing coach - Natasha Hamilton

Pruvit bucks

Earn Pruvit’s internal currency system as you grow your business to purchase products or turn them into promotional discount codes for your customers.

wellbeing coach - Natasha Hamilton

Free product program

Acquire two customers per month and Pruvit’s free product program means you can receive their orders for SmartShip products for free each month!

wellbeing coach - Natasha Hamilton

Pruvit smartship

To reward customers and promoters who engage every month, this program offers a monthly discount of 22% and free product every 4 months.

wellbeing coach - Natasha Hamilton

Pruvit car bonus

Reach a level 6 rank and you will earn a car bonus as long as you reach that rank for 2 consecutive calendar months. Rank 6 entitles you to £616 per month for a car.


Community and culture

The Pruvit culture focuses on helping those in need. The company is involved in several campaigns to giving back. From helping to find a cure for CF (cystic fibrosis), to donating toward natural disaster relief, and giving to the Charlie Foundation.
Pruvit is looking beyond the company in helping the world around and you can be part of the movement through #PruvitForward.

Pruvit events

Every year Pruvit hosts various events to support, reward, and recognize the Pruvit community.


KetoKademy is a training event in ketone research. Keto leaders meet to inform participants of the latest research during a keto conference.


The MORE event focuses on helping promoters to catapult their Pruvit business into growth and learn to develop their business success plan.


EPIK is an annual event organized by Pruvit to reveal the company’s announcements and hold an award ceremony to reward Pruvit promoters.

Livebetter travel

Pruvit offers a variety of LivBetter experiences throughout the year, allowing you to travel to exotic locations around the world and have fun with your teammates.

I will be here with you, along the journey to give you honest, actionable advice that helps to support, motivate and push you to live a richer, better life.

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Sarah Finley

If you want to stand in your own power and live the most fulfilled life possible then you’ve come to the right place.