Episode 12

Natasha Meets: Natalie Anderson

Natasha Meets: Natalie Anderson

Live Better With Natasha, brought to you by proud Mum, International Singer, Entrepreneur and Wellness Influencer Natasha Hamilton, is the podcast for anyone who is looking to expand the horizons of what wellness means to them, for those that are looking to heal, grow and feel on top of the world.

Through this show we will be exploring what mental, physical and spiritual wellness means and via honest, deep and meaningful conversations with leaders, experts and people with incredible stories to share, this show will help you to figure out how you can live a better life.

This show brings you the stories that need to be heard which will leave you feeling supported, happy, healthy and equip you with the knowledge and lessons to ensure you’re living your best life.

In today’s show Natasha meets star of stage and screen Natalie Anderson. She is best known for her roles ITV soap opera Emmerdale much-loved drama The Royal but according to her Instagram bio she is Fred’s Mum and Tea Lover first and foremost as well as Actress, Presenter, Podcaster, so she’s clearly a lady who loves to spin lots of plates. Natasha and Natalie worked together as part of a touring show and the two grew a strong bond that you can hear throughout this podcast. As well as all the acting and performing Natalie is also an entrepreneur with her own ventures with ‘The Capsule’.

On this show you will hear:

  • Juggling stage, screen, business and motherhood
  • How Natasha and Natalie supported each other while they were on tour
  • Setting goals in the right way
  • Why failure is not a dirty word
  • The importance of focusing on what you get enjoyment from

Connect with Natalie https://www.instagram.com/natjanderson/ and go check out The Capsule https://www.instagram.com/officialcapsule/


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