wellbeing coach - Natasha Hamilton

To be truly happy, we have to work on us. We have to work on our mind as well as our body and soul. We have to know where we are. And stand tall in our own power.

We set the bar for our own lives, and that is something we have to work on every, single, day.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. I’ve done that work. I’m doing it every day. I’ve lived the life feeling like you’re wearing a mask, in front of the world, so I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t have a voice. That moment when you feel like you’ve lost the vision for where you want to be. That change is out of your hands. But let me tell you, right here, right now, you can create change

wellbeing-coach - Natasha Hamilton

It’s time to take back control.
and enjoy the ride.

The moment you realise that you don’t need a cure or a fix because you were never broken is the moment it all clicks into place. What you need is a new path. Some new energy, a whole new vibe and motivation. An opportunity and a mentor. What you need is ME!

I know that if I can do it, you can too.

I would love to be by your side helping you move forward, putting strategy and ideas into action to get out there and get what you want next, what you’ve always wanted. It’s out there, you can almost touch it, and I’ll help you grab it with both hands.

wellbeing activist - Natasha Hamilton
wellbeing activist - Natasha Hamilton
wellbeing activist - Natasha Hamilton
wellbeing activist - Natasha Hamilton
wellbeing activist - Natasha Hamilton
wellbeing activist - Natasha Hamilton

My Story

I haven’t had the stereotypical journey, I’m nothing special…

As a teenager, my life changed forever. I was in the whirlwind of the music industry with tours, shows, albums, photoshoots, parties, awards and everything else that brings with it.

I needed to be on, all the time. And that’s not easy, when you’re still finding out who you are, with the whole world watching.

I always wanted to escape that bubble, leave it all behind. The feeling where you can’t be yourself, say what you think, or be who you want. I wasn’t anything special, I’m still not, I just wanted to feel ‘normal.’ To live my life on my terms. But then when that happened, I felt lost. My safety net had been taken away and I didn’t know anything else. That’s when I knew I needed to change to find a new sense of happiness.

Until then, I’d always relied on relationships to make me happy, to seek happiness. I had high expectations, I still do, ever since I was young and having them play out in public just made it worse. But I started to realise that I could take back control. That I needed to work on myself to rediscover who I was, and find my purpose. So I did.

I went on my journey of personal development, and guess what? I loved it. I found it really intriguing, and that’s how I realised I’d lost my way. My vision for my life. And I realised that I couldn’t just sit there thinking “what has my life become” or “why am I so sad?” I had to get off the treadmill, get back on the bike, and do my thing.

Now, I realise that I never needed to be “cured” or “fixed” because I was never broken. I just needed to start taking action. So I took a risk, retrained and started this journey. I saw the life I wanted and went for it. I found my path and now I’m on it, with my mind, body and soul all aligned to who I am and where I want to be. And I would love to help you find your way to do something for you. To be more. Do more. And to make that change.